Sublimated Shirts

Sublimation - can only be put on poly blends with a minimum of 50% poly. The higher the poly count and lighter the shirt the better the design will show.

Best on a white or marble shirt as the ink dyes the polyester fibers. But can also be done on a light grey and some other light colored shirts.

color chart sublimated on a marble Bella Canvas Tank
The sublimated color chart is shown on a Bella Canvas marble/white fleck tank that has 65% polyester. This color chart gives you an idea of what different colors will look like once the design is sublimated. 

Example of same design on both white and heather grey Tultex tees for comparison
The photo with the 2 loads of luck designs shows you the difference between placing the same design on a white shirt compared to a heather grey shirt. Both have 65% polyester count and are Tultex brand. 

image sublimated on an oatmeal triblend Bella Canvas Tee
The fox design shows you what a design looks like sublimated on an oatmeal triblend from Bella Canvas 

Shirts for sublimation are either done on specific colors of Bella Canvas Triblends (can come in both vneck, crew neck, and tanks) shown in the color chart or on white or heather grey Tultex shirts (these are crew necks and come in short and long sleeve).

Bella Canvas Sublimation Shirt Color Chart Tultex color/size chart