OKI transfers

OKI Transfers are a cross between screen prints and vinyl. I say this because they are printed with a white toner laser printer directly onto a clear film. Then they are "married" with the adhesive. My gal who prints them, then sends them to me and I press them onto the shirts. This allows greater flexibility as you are able to do more intricate custom designs that would not be an option to do with vinyl without having to have the 50 shirt minimum to get custom screen print transfers printed. 

They have negative space built into them with either dots or lines. I will included examples of both. Some designs already have negative space built in so they don't need the added negative space built in. I will also include pictures of the color charts pressed on different color shirts once I receive my color charts in to press this week. 

I find these are my favorite because I can offer customized designs and they are lightweight and flexible on the shirt. The negative space means they are more flexible and breathable than vinyl. These are personally my favorite. I actually prefer them over the full color screen prints even. Sometimes the full color screen prints feel like a sheet of plastic or vinyl on your shirt and with OKI transfers you don't have that feel! 

These transfers can also be put on any color or style of fabric. I have put them on pillowcases, blankets, shirts, hats, and have more ideas coming! 

- Any print listed as OKI can also be done as sublimation if you prefer but the shirt color options are more limited.

oki transfer that has been pressed for several months on my personal hoodie - I wear it all the time and it has been washed at least 1-2 times a week. oki transfer that had been pressed for several months - it is on my husbands shirt and he wears the handful I made him daily so these are washed 1-2 times/week
These 1st 2 are ones that have been on these shirts for months. The first is my personal hoodie and the 2nd is my husbands shirt. We wear these all the time and they are washed 1-2 times per week. I posted these to show you how well they hold up to washing. - Disclaimer - We hang dry all our clothes (which is what is recommended on the care cards you receive for all our shirts to extend their life) so that the heat in the dryer doesnt affect the design. 
oki transfer that already has negative space built in
This is an example of an OKI that already has enough negative space built in that it doesnt need to have it added. 

this is an example of one with dots. - had the center image not been there this one would not have needed negative space. 

This is an example one with the lines in it same as the shark above. - In this one with the plaid design you can't even see the lines. 

This is an example of one that has 1/2 image and 1/2 text this style we are able to isolate the text and print them as 2 separate transfers and be able to have no lines or dots in the text but yet have them in the solid part of the image. 
close up of the butterfly image
close up of the butterfly.