Differences in Transfer Types

I will be posting more detailed info with photos to offer more in depth explanations but here is a short description.ย 

Screenprint - these are a plastisol ink that is preprinted on a transfer sheet and I can press onto any color of shirt. It can be put on cotton, polyester, or cotton poly blend.

Sublimation - these transfers can only be put on poly blends with a minimum of 50% poly (I generally use triblend shirts). Best on a white or marble shirt as the ink dyes the polyester fibers. But can also be done on a light grey and some other light colored shirts.

Vinyl - for these I use heat transfer vinyl and can do the designs in most colors as well as putting them on any color or fabric type shirts.

OKI Transfer - cross between vinyl and Screenprint - Any print listed as OKI can also be done as sublimation if you prefer but the shirt color options are more limited.


Sublimation, Vinyl, and OKI transfers can be done in adult or youth sizes!!