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My Personal Review of the Hoodies

I love the Tultex hoodies, they are heavy enough to cut the Kansas winds but yet not so heavy that they feel bulky. I own 3 Tultex hoodies and I grab for them before I grab a other brands of hoodies that I had previously made before I switched brands because these are so much more comfortable to me!

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My Personal Review of the 2 Long Sleeve Tee Options

Ok so with fall coming soon, I wanted to get these reviews done. I made these shirts for my mother and my sister. But besides asking them for their reviews as to which one they like and why I wanted to give you my opinions. 242 overall - it’s thinner and a looser fit. The sleeves don’t have cuffs so it would be hard to slide them up during the day. The sleeves are also long enough to cover my hands in my normal size the large - for me I roll my sleeves not slide them up so it works fine for me. I could size down to a medium easily, however I don’t like my collars tight on...

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Bleach Option Examples

Bleaching seems a simple process but if the right elements are not all in play you don't always get the desired effect. If it is windy, you get drift you don't plan on, if it is cloudy or cool it wont bleach clear white. These are things to keep in mind when requesting a bleached shirt. Bleaching can potentially cause a delay in shipping. This photo explains the difference in cloudy and sunny days. Bleaching is best done in the summer. While it can sometimes be done in the winter you won't get the same results.  Spray     Splatter   Brushed Ombre - Top Bleached I have not done one like this but it would be the same as the bottom...

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